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Since 2001, Fun Cruise & Travel (FCT) has assisted hundreds of persons with MS to manage their special needs while cruising to exotic ports of call. This background helps us to help you ensure enjoyment of your cruising experience. Why?  Because we are focused on the right things! We understand what it takes to make memories and a successful trip. From the planning phase through the end of your cruise experience, we work with you to achieve the highest possible level of teamwork, communication, freedom, and independence.

We are well positioned to reach out to all individuals living with MS through cruising programs that are practical, fun, customized, and focused to enhance life satisfaction. From programs designed to prolong independence to activities that focus on the common issues affecting people with MS, we strive to foster networking and support among each participant in a forum that is comfortable and fun.

We stand out from other cruise agencies because our background and unique skill set fosters networking and support for individuals. Through our many years of experience, our mission has remained the same. Namely, we assist each participant in developing a concept of themselves as someone who is more than a diagnosis. We help the individual  to value themself for who they are and what they have to offer because of MS.

This onboard cruising experience is an excellent opportunity to learn about organizations and groups specializing in MS as well as products and services that are geared to helping participants maximize their independence and well-being. We help to identify obstacles and discover practical ways to overcome problems. In short, we try to assist everyone to look beyond the diagnosis and "be the best version of you!"



The overall goal of the program is to foster networking and help support each participant develop a concept of themselves as someone who is "more than a diagnosis." We also strive to help participants value themselves for who they are and what they have to offer "beyond their diagnosis."  Through these cruise programs we endeavor to:

  • Build on the strength of each person.
  • Facilitate adjustment to the disability.
  • Provide opportunities for socialization.
  • Enhance life's satisfaction.


Our Cruising Program:

Fun Cruise & Travel (FCT) believes that patients have a right and an individual responsibility to help manage their condition. However, all too often, they become confused or discouraged by the complexities of the system, and as a result never find out about the services available to help them solve or cope with their symptoms. FCT attempts to break that cycle by providing a simple, unique, informative, and fun way for individuals to find out where they can turn to and what they can do to assist themselves.

FCT partners with organizations that improve the lives of people with chronic diseases. Through these partnerships we develop workshops that strive to empower each person to become an active participant in their individual care by learning about possible options that respect their diverse backgrounds and needs. We strongly believe that interacting and communicating with others who are facing similar challenges and concerns can be therapeutic, comforting, and enjoyable.

Join us for fun, practical, and customized programs that provide the best cruising experience to each 'community'. We will assist you to in planning for and experiencing all the amenities of a cruise ship. We'll help to customize your choice of programs that promote independence, health and fitness, advocacy, socialization, and best of all fun!

Through the years the faces of our staff may have changed, but our mission remains as strong today as it was nine years ago. We remain ready to serve your 'community' with the same dedication, and quality professional support as we have in the past.  We'll help you "move beyond the diagnosis and be the best version of you!"

Payments Made Easy

Any deposit is fully refundable before final payment. Our office will advise you as to when these options must be met.  Here's how it works.  You simply spread the payments out over time. The amount of the payment and the number of payments will depend on how much time exists between the first deposit on your trip and the date the final payment is due to the cruise line. We will make sure you are taking advantage of any and all discounts available at the time you make your reservation.

In order to get the most benefit out of a Payments Made Easy you will want to give yourself plenty of lead time. Plan today for the trip you will experience 6-10 months from now.  It's simply less stressful and makes the planning fun.  We have been offering this easy payment plan for our groups for many years.  It does work and we can help it work for you.  Just give us a call and we can set up a payment plan designed with you in mind.  Cruising together with friends with the same interests in mind should be an enjoyable experience. Call us today and together we will make a plan to best meet your budget.


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