Tips for Traveling

Tips for Crusin' like a pro on "our family" Royal Caribbean Cruise:*sign up for the Crown and Anchor Society online (do this in advance, believe me it's worth it and FREE).

Sign up for a Royal Caribbean Credit Card (this one isn't a must, but has some great freebies to look forward to if you do) BOTH OF THE ABOVE YOU CAN FIND OUT AND COMPLETE AT: just look under the suggested titles (Crown & Anchor Society, and Royal Caribbean Credit Card) or go to our links page and find the links there.

For all your packing needs, and so you don't forget a thing...we all know that "thing" could be what makes or breaks a stylish outfit!  Go to:

Just print it, it's a list of all your packing needs! Next is the most important, HAVE A GREAT TRIP! "AND PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!"


Payments Made Easy

Any deposit is fully refundable before final payment. Our office will advise you as to when these options must be met.  Here's how it works.  You simply spread the payments out over time. The amount of the payment and the number of payments will depend on how much time exists between the first deposit on your trip and the date the final payment is due to the cruise line. We will make sure you are taking advantage of any and all discounts available at the time you make your reservation.

In order to get the most benefit out of a Payments Made Easy you will want to give yourself plenty of lead time. Plan today for the trip you will experience 6-10 months from now.  It's simply less stressful and makes the planning fun.  We have been offering this easy payment plan for our groups for many years.  It does work and we can help it work for you.  Just give us a call and we can set up a payment plan designed with you in mind.  Cruising together with friends with the same interests in mind should be an enjoyable experience. Call us today and together we will make a plan to best meet your budget.


Truth About Renting Motorized Scooter and Lift Rentals

When looking into renting scooters, manual wheel chairs etc. make sure you speak to qualified special needs professional.  We understand that renting equipment is extremely important to our guests, and this is why we refer our guests to trained reservations agents to get rate information and ask the appropriate questions to fit the special needs of each guest.  Everyone's needs are completely different and every individual deserves special attention.  Please be aware of cancellation policies when renting any type of equipment.  Rental equipment must be paid in full when reserved, but all rentals are fully refundable minus a $50.00 cancellation fee  if cancelled 7 days before the date of travel.    Any cancellation made under 7 days before the date of travel will incur a full cancellation penalty charge for the rental equipment.

Be aware of agents that tell you that your deposit is non- refundable after your payment has been made.  If in doubt, you can always contact the cruise line to get the name of the rental company they recommend and inquire about deposit and cancellation guidelines.  This way you have covered all bases to insure that you are getting the proper information.    Also, insurance should never be mandatory at time of deposit.  The only time insurance is required within 14 days of deposit is when there is a pre-existing illness.

Your deposit for the cruise from the Cruise Line is refundable until final payment, much like the rental equipment, so the only reason you would purchase a mandatory insurance is because the travel agent wants you to be sure your cruise booking is final and you cannot change your mind.  Always ask questions, such as, why should I purchase insurance if my deposit is refundable anyway?  Or, can I have the name of the rental company so I can talk to them and tell them about my needs?  If you do this you can also check if the pricing is the same as the agent is quoting you.

Remember, anyone can claim to be a special needs professional so when it comes to your needs be sure to talk to the right people. 


Did you know?

There is a big difference in price for scooter/equipment rental for each Port.  This is why we urge you to ask questions and speak to the rental company yourself.  There are different taxes and guidelines at each Port.  Here are some examples:

  • Boston: $285 for up to 250 pounds, $335 for up to 350 pounds
  • Miami: $185 for up to 250 pounds, $235 for up to 350 pounds
  • Fort Lauderdale: $185 for up to 250 pounds, $235 for up to 350 pounds
  • Seattle: $185 for up to 250 pounds, $235 for up to 350 pounds
  • Cape Liberty, New Jersey: $255 for up to 250 pounds, $305 for up to 350 pounds


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